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About Us

About Us

About Rubberind Enterprises


Established in 1977 located in Kochi, the commercial capital of Kerala state, India. Rubberind Enterprises completed over more than three decades of successful service to Rubber trade and industry. The rubber products manufactured by the company have quality in par with the international standards. The company is committed to total quality control engaging professional management and technical staff. Employees undergo periodic orientation courses. Optimum productivity and excellent quality is ensured by the most modern plant and machinery installed in the factory. The company has its own marketing wing to look after the domestic market as well as the export market. The main raw material used is natural rubber available in Kerala as the state produces 90% of India's rubber.

Quality Control is implemented and assured in all the departments.
We Have a Research & Development wing which contributes significantly to the improvement of quality of the products.
We are associated with the R & D department of the Rubber Board and the department of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology of the Cochin University (CUSAT) for the regular improvement of product quality.