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Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining Company

Rubber Lining of Tanks, Pipes, Rollers

Expert Anti-Corrossive Rubber Lining Company. Contractors & Suppliers of quality chemical & abrasion resistant anti corrosive rubber lining works to chemical reaction vessels, acid storage/transporting tanks, pipe lines, ducts, tees, pumps, rollers etc. using Natural Rubber as well as Synthetic Rubber as per client’s requirements for the last 30 years. We are also Manufacturers of Quality Rubber Lining Compound Sheet material, Adhesives etc. We are serving to Fertilizers And Chemicals Travancore LTD (FACT), Travancore Cochin Chemicals LTD, Titanium Dioxide (Kerala) LTD, Kerala Metals and Minerals LTD, Binani Zinc LTD, BSES (Kerala) Power LTD, ISRO, VSSC etc.

We undertake following types of Rubber Lining Works:-
Rubber Lining of Acid Storage Tanks, Road Tanks & Vessels (cold & Hot Bonding Systems)
Rubber Lining of other Chemical Equipments
Rubber Lining of Pipes & Fittings
Rubber Lining of Conveyor Pulley
Rubber Lining of Rollers for Textile, Paper, Printing, Steel Industry etc. made from Ebonite, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile Rubbers.
Rubber Sheets as per Customer’s Requirement.
Rubber Lining Site work and in house work.

Following methods are being used in the curing of hot bonding rubber lining procedure:-
Autoclave Method : Under pressure of steam Rubber lining is cured (vulcanized)
Open Steam : Under Atmospheric Pressure Rubber lining is cured.
In certain cases equipment itself is made as autoclave for curing purpose.

Bonding Adhesive to bond uncured rubber lining:-
With our experience of more than three decades, we have developed varieties of bonding adhesives with different combinations to suit varieties of service conditions like:
a) High pressure & impact
b) Vacuum
c) High temperature
d) High frequency Thermal expansion contraction of equipment.
e) High abrasion, erosion & velocity.

Cold Bonding Rubber Lining Process:-
For Special conditions pre-cured rubber linings can be applied to different substrates like Concrete, M.S., S.S. etc. and after applications no vulcanization is required as they are already vulcanized. Service to wide range of Business or industries:-
Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation, Steel Plant Equipment, Water Treatment, Defence, Petrochemicals, Mining & Quarrying.

We are equipped with all necessary equipments required for the rubber lining and its testing such as: Sand blasting equipments, Compressors, Boiler, high voltage puncture tester (Spark Tester) etc..
Mixing & testing equipments.
Autoclave facility.
Overhead crane facilities for loading & uploading.
Sand blasting unit to make surface of metal rust & oil free to get maximum mechanical & chemical adhesion. Hardness tester and Spark tester to ensure leak proof.

After sandblasting the surface is to be cleaned with solvent to have dust free and oil free surface, after that three coat of adhesive is to be applied one after another to get correct thickness of adhesive coat for getting best chemical adhesion.

Anti Corrosive Rubber Lining of Tanks Rollers Pipes.