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Our Products

Our Products

Rubber Support Inserts (RSI)

Rubber Support Inserts (RSI) or Pipe Support Inserts is used to support / hang centralised AC pipelines (Chilled Water Pipe) without crushing the insulation. Also used to support condenser water and domestic hot / cold water pipe installations.

Anti Vibration Ribbed Mounting Pad

Anti vibration ribbed mounting pads with ribbs on both sides are used as anti vibration mounting pad sheets for deflection on the foundations of vibrating machines like centralised air conditioning units, compressor, generator, machine tools, production equipments, heating and ventilation equipments, pumps, generators, compressors, air handling units, fans, under heavy concrete bases, electronics or sensitive laboratory apparatus, business machines, computers and data processor etc...

Anti Corrossive Rubber Lining

We are doing chemical & abrasion resistant anti corrosive rubber lining to chemical reaction vessels, acid storage/transporting tanks, pipe lines, ducts, tee, pumps, rollers etc. using Natural Rubber as well as Synthetic Rubber as per client’s requirements.